Essex LOTC Committee Meeting Monday 23rd January 2017 – Danbury Outdoors


Minutes of Meeting

Chair:               Norberto Fusi (EES)

Minutes:           Louise Flavell (Country Parks)

Attendees:        Jill Baker (Hyde Hall), Karen Wheeler (Lee Valley)

Apologies:        Simon Perry

Conference Update

Wilderness Foundation have offered a venue for the 2017 conference. Possible dates: 19th, 20th or 21st September

Action: LF to contact Wilderness Foundation to confirm potential venue.  Suggest meeting for either 31st Jan or 6th Feb (pm) to discuss conference.

Web update  

Action: MM to chase Dedham Vale, Langdon Hills, Field Studies Council, National Trust, Thames Chase, RSPB, Waste Education Team, Way Tyler and  FSC for their input/intention on the website

Action: NF to talk to Luke to find out how the search works.   What is the usage of the site?  Do we know how many hits we are receiving?  Can we see this?

Action: Committee to put together a list of key words at next meeting.

Action: SP to do some google searches with key words to see where the ELOTC website appears.  Report back at next meeting.

Action: All providers to put link onto own websites.


SP e-mailed the finance position.  As of today we have £3189.53 in the account plus £25.70 in cash.

Training Offer

It was agreed to set a plan of training events that will run for the year.  These can be booked on Eventbrite.  LOTC to pay for a trainer at each event.  Events to be FOC to members for first year.  Day will run from 10am until 3pm, allowing an hour for an LOTC meeting.

March 2017: Bushcraft

Venue: tbc

Action: LF to contact trainer to ascertain availability (possibly 2nd or 29th March), subject and cost.


May AGM 2017: Plants.

Venue: Lee Valley

Action: KW to confirm date

Action: KW to enquire about Rachel Cassidy for the trainer


September 2017: Storytelling

Action: KW and JB to investigate storytelling contacts for a September workshop.


It was agreed that all future meetings to be sent as an Outlook Request.

Date of next meeting:

Committee Meeting: Wilderness Foundation – 31st January or 6th Feb – to be confirmed

March Members Meeting/Training – tbc

LOTC AGM: Lee Valley – 10th or 11th May – tbc

Intentions for AGM:

NF:Chair – wishes to stand down

SP:Treasurer – wishes to stand down

LF: Secretary – remain

JB: Committee – remain

KW: Committee – remain

LH: Committee – tbc

MM: Committee – tbc

Action: JB to see if any Hyde Hall volunteers are interested in treasurer position.

Action: Committee members to encourage other contacts to join AGM

Minutes of Committee Meeting 31st. January 2017

Essex LOTC Committee Meeting                                               

Tuesday 31st January 2016 – Wilderness Foundation

Minutes of Meeting

Chair:                    Norberto Fusi (EES)

Minutes: Louise Flavell (Country Parks)

Attendees:             Jill Baker (Hyde Hall), Michelle Mandry (Daws Hall), Jenna Cains (Wilderness Foundation)

Apologies:             Simon Perry, Karen Wheeler (Lee Valley), Laura Harvey (EWT)


Date set for Thursday 21st September 2017.  To be held at the Wilderness Foundation.  The site has a main presentation area which will sit 90 theatre style, an education centre classroom, a safari tent and also many areas of rich habitat for workshop use.  Extra gazebos are available should the weather be unfavourable.  Cost is agreed at £80/person.


Action: JC to send photograph and site information to LF

Action: LF to set event up on Eventbrite.

Action: All to send out Eventbrite link to all contacts for a ‘Save the Date’

Action: LF to draft a poster for JB.  JB to enquire if Clare is available to produce.


Several ideas were discussed, including farming organisations who are able to bridge education and practice.

Action: All members to consider possible speakers and feedback to committee.

Action: LF to contact Tim Baker (head teacher) as a potential speaker

Action: LF to contact Helen Bilton as a potential speaker


Action: LF to e-mail members to ascertain interest in running workshops. 

Possible workshops included:

Wilderness Foundation  – Field to Fork

Hyde Hall – Environmental Art

Country Parks – Fires/Cooking

Daws Hall – Forces of Nature

There will be no marketplace this year.  A table at the back to contain leaflets/brochures if required.


There is limited seating for lunch at the Wilderness Foundation.  Therefore brown bags/picnic lunches were suggested.  Costs per person to include 4 x tea/coffee/biscuits and lunch – £20/person

Action: JC to contact caterer to ascertain costs.


It was decided to run 3 workshops, with 2 speakers throughout the day.  The second speaker to be directly after lunch, followed by the 3rd workshop, evaluation and raffle.

9.00am arrival

9.30am: Jenna – site introduction/housekeeping

9.35am: Speaker 1

10.15am Coffee/tea

10.30 Workshop 1

11.30 Workshop 2

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Speaker 2

2.00 Workshop 3

3.00 Evaluation/Raffle

3.15pm Home

Action: JB to contact Muddy Faces for wood cookies and raffle prizes.

Action: JB to enquire if Hyde Hall volunteers would be available to help with facilitation and car parking.

Web update  

NF has been able to access figures on website views, keywords etc. 

Action: NF to report updated figures at next meeting

Action: MM to send list to NF of organisations who have not responded to enquiry of website presence.  These are to be deleted. 


March 2017: Bushcraft

Venue: tbc

Action: MM to ask contacts regarding this and ask for dates in March – to  be confirmed by 10th February.

May AGM 2017: Plants.

Venue: Lee Valley

AGM set for either 10th or 11th May

Action: KW to report on presenter and availability by 10th February

September/October 2017: Storytelling

Action: JB to contact ‘creeping toad’ – to be confirmed by 10th February.