Essex LoTC Providers AGM and Meeting

Wednesday 10th May 2017 10am – 11am

Lee Valley

Chair:           Norberto Fusi (Essex Outdoors)

Minutes:       Louise Flavell (Country Parks)

Attendees:    Simon Perry, Michelle Mandry (Daws Hall), Karen Wheeler (Lee Valley), Helen Hampton (Country Parks), Helen Robertson (FSC), Neil Phillips (Wat Tyler), Michelle Savage (Tilbury Fort), Terry Halls (Essex Outdoors), Sarah White, Jenna Cains (Wilderness Foundation), Stephen Andrews (Wat Tyler), Alastair Macrae (Wat Tyler)


  1. Apologies

Jo Phillips, Jill Baker (RHS), Laura Harvey (EWT), Sian Ansell (ECC TLC), Kirsty Groves (EWT), Valina Bowman-Burns (ECC Records Office), Anna Rule (EWT), Lucy Willis (EWT), Louisa Arnold (Darlinghurst School),


  1. Acceptance of last year’s AGM Minutes

All accepted.


  1. AGM – Overview of year

NF gave an overview of the year to date:

  • ELFS name has now changed to ELOTC providers.
  • A new ELoTC website has been launched. All providers should check their own member information.
  • A successful conference took place at Cressing in September 2017. Next year will be at Wilderness Foundation 2018.
  • Meetings are now set in advance with training included.




  1. Finances

The main income for the group each year comes from the conference.

The current balance is £3,155.15.  Statement is attached.

There is an additional £75 cheque to cash in which will now go into 2017/18 accounts

Finance statement was agreed by all.

Proposer: Karen Wheeler

Seconder: Sarah White

Bank account is still with the Co-op and is still in the name of ELFS.  Current signatories are Simon, Norberto and Ellie.

All agreed that decisions could be made by the committee to decide which bank to go with and signatories need to be confirmed.


  1. Committee Changes

Current Committee Members are:

Chair  – Norberto Fusi

Secretary – Louise Flavell

Treasurer – Simon Perry


Norberto and Simon are stepping down from their position and the group thanked them both for their hard work.



It was proposed that Karen Wheeler take the position of Chair.

Proposer: Helen Robertson

Seconder: Louise Flavell



It was proposed that Michelle Mandry take the position of Treasurer.   However, it was agreed that an external person would take on the administration of the conference.

Proposer: Simon Perry

Seconder:  Helen Robertson



It was proposed that Louise Flavell stays in the position of Secretary.

Proposer:  Helen Robertson

Seconder: Michelle Mandray


Committee Members

  • Laura Harvey – stepped down
  • Carolyn Mallot – stepped down
  • Michelle Mandry – now treasurer

It was proposed that the following join the committee:

  • Jill Baker
  • Jenna Cains
  • Terry Halls

Proposed: Helen Robertson

Seconder: Michelle Mandry


These posts will now stand for two years – until 2019 AGM.


  1. Plans for 2017.


  1. Conference 21st September 2016 at Wilderness Foundation

Current bookings stand at: 3 schools (4 people).    Please could all members promote and market.  Flyer is attached.

If any other organisation would like to book a workshops, they should contact Louise Flavell asap.  Workshops to date booked include:

  1. Wilderness Foundation – Field to Fork
  2. Hyde Hall – Environmental Art
  3. Country Parks – Fires/Cooking
  4. Daws Hall – Forces of Nature?
  5. Lee Valley – ‘What lurks beneath? – identifying and classifying freshwater invertebrates’
  6. EWT – Forest School (am only)
  7. EWT – Literacy Outdoors (am only)
  8. Coalhouse Fort – tbc
  9. Essex Outdoors – Bushcraft and whittling
  10. FSC – GIS
  11. TLC – tbc
  12. Wat Tyler – Teachers Top Ten


  1. Next Meeting

Next meeting date to be confirmed.


  1. Any Other Business

Helen Robertson is on the committee of LEAF, which is now a registered charity.  It has been agreed to employ someone to administer this group.  This person will be in contact with ELoTC in the future.

  1. Training

A great training session was held following the AGM on Plant identification.  Thank you Karen for hosting this session.

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