Essex LOtC Providers Committee Meeting 1st. June

Thursday 1st June, 2017 – 10am

The Hare, Roxwell

Chair & minutes:                              Karen Wheeler (Lee Valley)

Attendees: Michelle Mandry (Daws Hall), Jenna Cains (Wilderness Foundation), Richard Corby (Wilderness Foundation) 

  1. Apologies

Simon Perry, Terry Halls (Essex Outdoors),  Jill Baker (RHS),  Louise Flavell (Country Parks), Norberto Fusi (Essex Outdoors)

Minutes of previous Meeting

At AGM on 10th May 2017 members agreed that decisions could be made by the committee to decide which bank to go with and signatories need to be confirmed.

Purpose of this meeting:

  1. Change of Account Signatories

The committee have agreed that for ease they will remain with the Co-op bank. The new treasurer, Michelle Mandry, advised Co –op bank recommend that signatories should be changed prior to updating the name of the group.

Committee members checked that all requirements of Cooperative Bank Change of Signatories Mandate had been met and signed the forms these include:

  • Declaration re governing document
  • Appointment of committee
  • Resolution re Coop Bank account – continuance & acceptance of conditions, this was proposed by Jenna Caines and seconded by Michelle Mandry.
  • Remaining signatories
  • New signatories
  • Removal of signatories
  1. Change of Organisation Name

The new treasurer, Michelle Mandry, advised the Co-op bank staff had informed her change of signatories normally takes two weeks to go through but it can be longer. There was concern with those present that if sending invoices was help off until after the signatories and then the name change had taken effect invoices might not be sent until the start of July. This would result in a turnaround for schools before the end of term that was too tight. It was discussed many organisations have a trading name. Therefore it was agreed that ELotc providers will continue to use the ELFS account until all invoices and payments for conference have been made. The name change will be actioned as soon as possible as this has taken place and will be a priority for the committee.

Proposed Jenna Cains

Seconded Michelle Mandry

All other meeting attendees in agreement – Motion carried

 3 Essex LOtC Conference – September 2017

The conference booking process for the conference was discussed and

The precise responsibilities for Richard Corby and Michelle Mandry

were discussed.


Michelle – will check the account for payments and inform Richard

Richard- will manage the bookings, logging event brite and non-event brite bookings, sending out invoices and updating Jenna on bookings progress.

Payment for booking admin (£200) will be to from the elfs account to the Wilderness Foundation who will pay Richard.


Gmail account details were shared with meeting attendees.

Discussion on whether invoices should state a deadline. Agreed we need a deadline date when the caterers need to know final numbers. Jenna will check with caterers then Richard will add to invoice ‘payment in 28 days or before the booking deadline …..’ whichever is sooner.

Workshops were discussed; Jenna doesn’t currently have full details of what workshop leaders are offering/ need. Louise may have details.

It was decided a committee meeting before the end of term was required either on the 3rd or 10th July at Chatham Green (wilderness foundation) at 3.30pm. Jenna suggested workshop leaders are also invited, if they can’t make the time they can contact her and arrange a different time.


  • Michelle – to set up dropbox with Simon’s conference bookings documents with access for committee and Richard.
  • Michelle – to advise numbers booked this time last year (although conference earlier)
  • Jenna- to check with caterer’s final deadline for numbers and advise committee and Richard so he can amend the invoice.
  • Jenna- to ask Louise for update on what workshop info has been gathered and check if form sent out. Then send out form asap if needed with a clear deadline so workshop details can go on the website and be sent to those that book.
  • Karen- to set up doddle poll for committee members to decide between 3rd and 10th

 4. AOB

Karen advised may need to leave conference at lunchtime as delayed dental hospital appointment is the conference date. She will continue to try and rearrange.