Tuesday 17th April 2018

Wat Tyler have kindly offered to host our next Elotc meeting. It will be a speed making event, the idea is everyone provides a 10 minute activity with instructions that people can follow to have a go.

10am Members arrive
10-12 Making activity
12-12.30pm members meeting
12.30pm Bring food for a shared lunch and depart or have short tour round the site
1pm Committee meeting

Please note the meeting will be at the Wat Tyler centre, not the Green centre.

Please let Stephen Andrews Stephen.Andrews@basildon.gov.uk from Wat Tyler know if you are attending and what 10 minute activity you’re bringing, so he knows any requirements.
Stephen has already offered to do a light outdoor astronomy quiz for us. (Which does also work in the daylight!) https://www.wattylercountrypark.org.uk/

20th April 2018 Woodland Skills Sharing Day

Following the success of the Hertfordshire Youth Services Woodland Skills Sharing event last year, Lee Valley Park have been asked to host the event this year.

If you are interested please fill out the Woodland skills booking form and for more information see our Leaflet which can be found here.

29th May 10:00-15:00 – Thorndon Country Park

Mindfulness with Sarah Embelton.
Sarah is a highly experienced Counsellor, Trainer and Specialist Teacher. She was previously; County Lead for Language and Communication – Essex County Council, Behaviour Advisor for Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service – East Sussex County Council, Team Manager (17 teachers and teaching assistants) – Cambridgeshire County Council Specialist Teaching Service advising school senior managers re: appropriate support and intervention for a range of Special Educational Needs.

The committee recognises the great potential to use mindfulness in the outdoors, hence we felt this could be an interesting course. Here is a quick introduction to Mindfulness from Sarah:
• A well evidenced psycho-educational programme, NICE approved.
• Supports wellbeing and resilience – various studies have shown evidence for the positive impact of mindfulness on social, emotional and mental health and physical health
• Impact in schools – has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, difficult behaviour; improve emotional and behavioural regulation, self-esteem, calmness/relaxation, self-awareness and empathy; contribute to the development of cognitive and executive function skills.
• At its most basic, it offers simple ways of becoming more aware of our own experience and the space to make the best choices we can in a range of circumstances. It is about becoming familiar with our own minds, learning to be aware in our environment, remaining awake, focussed and present in each moment.

Thursday 11th October 10.30-3pm

A Printing Workshop potentially looking at:
• Hapa zome
• Mono printing
• Relief print
• Heat transfer printing
• Leaf and other natural material prints

Email Jill Baker to book jillbaker@rhs.org.uk
Teas and coffees provided but bring your own lunch or buy it from the café